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Premises Liability


Both Mississippi law provides broad protections for residential and commercial property owners, and our lawyers have expert knowledge of the legal issues at play when an individual is injured on property owned by another individual or business.  Premises liability is governed by complex case law which can result in many cases being dismissed by a Court before they ever reach a jury.


Our firm has significant experience in litigation claims involving injuries which have occurred at residential properties, government and commercial entities, grocery stores, department stores, shopping malls, convenience stores, gas stations, apartment complexes, and other small businesses. Some of the cases we have handled include:


  • Slip-and-fall accidents involving water, spills, or ice and snow causing injury on the premises of commercial businesses

  • Falls occurring on stairs, driveways, walkways and other allegedly defective or poorly maintained areas on commercial and residential properties.

  • Alleged inadequate security (resulting in shootings, fights, etc.)

  • Dog bites

  • Exposure to toxins, poisons, and mold










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