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Insurance Coverage Disputes


An insurance policy is a two way street between the insured, who pays for the coverage under his or her policy, and the insurer, who bears the risk and economic responsibiltiy for paying for a loss which falls within the specific coverage provided.  Ordinarily, insurance claims are filed and claimed without incident.  However, when a dispute arises between the insured and insurer over whether a particular loss is covered, complex questions or law, evidence, and procedure come into play, and both the policyholders and the insurance companies themselves have important and distinct obligations.


Our attorneys have great experience advising clients, and litigation cases involving all manners of insurance coverage disputes.  Coverage disputes run from simple questions as to whether a premium was timely paid before a loss, to complex legal questions about contract interpretation.  From the initial inquiry into whether coverage exists up until the final judgment voiding or affirming coverage for a loss, our firm has the experience and skill to favorably resolve these disputes.







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