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Insurance Bad Faith


In every contract there is an implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing, and this applies to insurance policies as well.  The tort claim of bad faith provides an individual the ability to recover extra-contractual and/or punitive damages in the event that his insurance company has acted egregiously enough in failing to honor its contractual obligations toward the insured.  These claims can expose insurance companies to tremendous risk and large money verdicts at trial.


Our firm prides itself in our experience with handling bad faith claims brought against insurance companies, and have litigated numerous cases towards favorable outcomes.  Because of the complex legal issues in play, many bad faith claims may be dismissed before ever reaching a jury.  Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience with these types of cases to ensure that our clients interests are safeguarded during the actual claims handling process, through litigation, and if necessary at trial.  Gammill Montgomery has handled bad faith cases involving:


  • Claim denials related to automobile liability and/or uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance policies

  • Homeowners liabilty policies

  • Dwelling losses, including contents losses and theft claims

  • Workers' compensation claims

  • Insurers' duty to defend a lawsuit


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